Saturday, November 12, 2005

Calm before the storm

Photo#1 Foggy Bathroom Mirror
Photo #2 Mouse and Keyboard
Photo #3 Avery sick in the backseat

This morning was really nice. We took our time and got up slowly and went to Village Inn for breakfast and ate and ate. Then we went down to Silver Dollar City and met up with the kids and my folks. Avery wasn’t feeling good again and after seeing “A Dickens’s Christmas Carol” we decided to go. Avery wanted to go home…she was that sick. Then when we were almost to the car she ralphed. It was pretty sad and smelly and I won’t even tell you about the mozzarella chunks. We got her cleaned up and headed in and she kinda threw up again before we got back.
When we got back it felt like 10:00 but it was only 6:00.
Then we had tornado warnings in Republic. The horns went off and we had to hang out in the bathroom with Alec wanting to see the rain and Avery wanting to lie in bed. It didn’t take long though and we are alive, (which is a good thing or you’d have nothing to read).
One of my favorites: “The crows seem to be calling my name,” thought Caw.

Alec's Better, But

Avery was sick today, she had to stay home from school. But after awhile she was feeling great and she and Alec were driving us crazy with their shenanigans and wild schemes. Neither one is 100%. I got a lot done today somehow and yet I can’t see my desk under the piles of….well I don’t want to use the word “crap” but…
Tonight Erin and I are going out on a date. She’s such a hottie, I’m a little nervous. The kids are spending the night with my folks in Cassville.
Then I dreamed of McDonald’s. (See photo)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Old shots can be new

Shots: 1.Self from shoot today 2.Old shot of horses revisited

Tired. It’s so gorgeous outside and I’m too busy to go out and shoot. Some of you know what I’m talking about, it’s frustrating. My friend Marc was saying the same thing awhile back and I thought, “Just go back and make new images of old images with some wild editing” and now I’m thinking, “Yeah whatever, self, I want to go outside and shoot, I’ve already seen my old shots”. And then I think, “What am I doing thinking back and forth to myself like I’m in a sitcom or something, I need to go outside and get some air and take some pictures”. And then I think, “No, I’m too busy”.
Had a shoot today that took so long to set up, and so short to shoot, that I had to make a quick self portrait for the trouble.
Now it’s dark out. We’ve watched Batman Begins and it made me nostalgic for my days in ninja school and all the glacial sword training.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Things Considered

Photo Captions: 1.Avery sees a face 2.Dorothy’s tail 3.Sickboy 4.Jumpy Flowers

The little guy’s fever came back and now I feel kind of guilty for not putting up with his fits yesterday. He probably wasn’t feeling too great. But that Tylenol stuff is potent…he was doing this howl-whine thing and burning up this afternoon and then after the Tylenol kicked in he was giggling and shooting Avery and me with his blow-gun. We’d fall down (real spaghetti western style) and he’d crack up and then we’d miraculously get back up (real Friday the 13th Jason isn’t quite dead yet style) and he’d shoot us down again. Erin kept him home tonight and Vry and I went to church.
On that note, we wrapped up a study on baptism with Earl Brown that’s been pretty fascinating. The idea is to get away from discussions on requirements and limitations and legality of baptism, and take a look at it from a far more deep spiritual view. The idea that, at Jesus’ baptism you’ve got the Father the Son and the Spirit all present there in the muddy waters, is something I had not contemplated much. From that point on it’s go time for Jesus. Service, ministry, suffering, sacrifice and death. At his baptism, he “starts” his death. So too (whether we fully understand it or not), when we join Jesus through baptism, we begin our life of service, suffering, sacrifice and death to ourselves. Key phrase from tonight that really stood out was that we live with Christ as our spiritual environment. Earl also made a great comparison to marriage and baptism. You may or may not fully understand what you’ve committed to when you said “I do” but that doesn’t make it less valid. Same is true in baptism and the commitment you are making to God and He to you.
OK, Deep Thought for today is, “If they ever come up with a swashbuckling School, I think one of the courses should be Laughing, Then Jumping Off Something.”

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Allow me to demonstrate

Alec is better today but sometimes he can be such a little turd. I don’t understand how he can go from being so lovey dovey to lil’ Hitler. Maybe he’s Bi-Polar.
Anyway, I had a demonstration today for the SOAR kids at Republic’s E3 school (that’s the smarties in the 3rd -5th grade school….I think. I think they have to ride a really long bus.) It was a lot of fun and the kids gave me lots of ooos and ahhhhs which are always nice to hear. They’ve done some fun stuff already with their school cameras and they’ll probably run me out of business in a few years.
I’ve heard that the biggest stresses you can put on a marriage is running a business together and moving into a different home together. Actually I think the second is when you custom build or custom remodel a place together. I can see what they (whoever they are) mean. It seems like lately Erin and I have misunderstood each other and misread each other and have not had the time to really communicate. She’s so wonderful though, she’s been a real trooper about things and has been mindful of how tricky this whole deal is. I know inside she’s pretty freaked out about moving from a new house that has new everything and is almost exactly how she wants it, and then moving into a 30 year old home that’s got a very long punch list of must fixes just for safety and an even longer punch list of things to be how we want it. She rocks. Good love.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Typical Day

Alec has a fever today. For those of you who want to know, the shoot I lost was a re-shootable shoot. Not a wedding or NBA finals or anything. But it still stinks. Anyway, Alec threw up at 4 this morning after guzzling a bunch of juice. He was just too hot. Erin had deadlines that she had to beat today and I had 3 shoots so she decided to just go in right then (4 am) and then watch Alec when I had my first two shoots (9 am and 1 pm) and then I’d watch him until 5, and then get to my 5:45 shoot. We should be able to get to sleep tonight I think.
My 9 am was a really cool kid…bass player and we got some great shots down at Springfield Lake. He was in the photography class that I demonstrated in a few weeks back so that’s pretty neat. I hope I don’t loose the images.
We’re also reviewing the house inspection on the Maple house. Wow, that place has some issues. Most of it is stuff I can fix (by holding a flashlight for my Dad while he waves his magic wands from his toolbox of mystery) but some of it is pretty messed up and we’ll have to have somebody do it for us.
My 5:45 was a couple and their shitzoo dog that is about to die of kidney failure. I think there’s a joke there but I just can’t figure out what.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Lost a shoot. The entire job is gone. Not on a card, not on a disc, not on my computer. Gone. Don't really feel like posting much today. That's just an unforgivable screwup and I can't belive I did it. Maybe I'm asleep...