Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My blog has mutated

They say it's a good thing. Natural evolution (which is probably an oxymoron) has caused my old blog to be old and slow and I don’t know what. So I’ve had to “upgrade” my blog. I don’t think it’s supposed to look different or act different but I can tell you, it smells different.
This shot is of my green car hood.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So I’ve been a little busy. That’s a good thing, I’d much rather be busy than bored. Although I can’t remember the last time I was ever bored. Maybe when I was stuck in the Salt Lake City Airport for nine hours when I was in eighth grade, but that was pretty fun too…they have these amazing chocolate milkshakes down on concourse A.
Anyway, so I had fun shooting the Shaws the Brices the Replogles, David’s Bridal, several basketball teams and I’m probably forgetting something else…oh yeah Kadi and Rickey. (See my print galleries).
I emailed my best friend from high school which was kind of hard since we haven’t really kept in touch so I’m a little embarrassed and everything. But I was thinking about old friends that you sort of loose contact with and then when you think about them, it’s like they’re dead or something. Which is stupid because they’re not it’s just that that’s a part of your life that you can’t really go back to so it’s too painful to think about. Well, I think that’s a load and I don’t like it. So, I’m going to try and make contact with all my old “dead” friends. Before they’re really dead anyway. And I dare you guys out there to do the same. I think I’ll even try and get a hold of old Chris Holmes…I think he’s in Chattanooga or something. I’ll tell you about him later….I don’t know how much time has to pass between committing a crime and being able to talk about it on a blog but I don’t want to get him in trouble.
OK, so there it is.
When I was setting up for the Shaws shoot I thought I had a spot on my sensor because of this black blob on the image:

Well I was freaking out and everything trying to get it removed and later I found out it was grease on my face. Isn’t that sad that the most obvious thing is the last thing I think of sometimes.

I'm having trouble putting the other pictures on this blog so I'll have to split it up...