Saturday, March 18, 2006

Life a few blocks away...

It's weird how just a few blocks down they've got such devastation and yet life just goes on.

I had my birthday time with my folks Friday since we'll all be busy Sunday...

...but part of me is feeling a bit guilty about my awesome french silk pie in my heated home and our two cars in our garage...

...well, life goes on and people rebuild and trees grow back and I guess we help how we can when we can and hope for a beautiful spring.

See you tomorrow at the open house. :)

Friday, March 17, 2006


Hello out there true believers, if you are reading this then I would like to warmly welcome you to come by my studio open house this Sunday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. It’s just a great big show and tell for me so stop by and say hi and check out the (still slightly under construction) studio with all it’s magic and mystery and wonders…..oooooo!

For most of you, you know how exciting it is for me to have my own place next door to the house where I get to do all my playing/working.
Now, I know Sunday is a busy day at Sunset/Brookline with John Clayton speaking throughout the day and all, so I’ve set the time so you shouldn’t miss any of the evolution/creation stuff.

OK, now driving directions might be different if you are coming from Springfield or Battlefield or Malta or Cassville or Cedarwood or Phoenix or Edina or Whitehouse or Valdez or Chicago or Maumelle, so I’m just going to assume you can get to Republic, Missouri on your own.
The stoplight past the Supercenter and Taco Bell (the one by DQ) is Main/Hwy P, go south there, towards Clever. Take your 3rd left (Jewell). Take a right on Maple (Maple is broken up so don’t panic when you pass it on the left). And it’s 706 S Maple, first house on the left. Take the 2nd Drive though, that’s the studio.
Call if you get lost, the studio line is (417) 732-7779.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ad-Rock and Aftermath

After seeing Adam in his post-surgery stupor (similar to his normal stupor) jk, I saw some more of the tornado damage. You know, 3 miles seems like a really far distance when you're jogging but not so far when it's a tornado from your house.

Bad links?

Well it turns out that if you click on the little song clip links but it's a new day, it doesn't work right. So after today, these will all be useless. Oh well, it wasn't that exciting anyway.
Church Song
Brice Fighting Music
Cracker song about Europe
Metallica Four Horsemen
Another song I love

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tornados and Hail

Bad night last night. Lots of damage too close to home. Maybe we should have a Spring House in New Orleans.
And by the way, whenever we sing this in church, part of me really wants to sing it like this.