Thursday, December 08, 2005

Avery's Cake

By the way, the last picture in the last post (the shot of Dan) was taken by Alec.

Avery's Birthday

Avery's Birthday was yesterday. She is already six and she was so was really cool. We are having a party for her on Saturday but we took her to Incredible Pizza and opened presents with my folks. My folks got her a REAL Bible with a leather cover and her name embossed and everything and she was totally thrilled. She said it was the best present ever.
Erin and I had gotten her a V-Smile which is like a Nintendo but you subconscously learn numbers and math and problem solving and stuff. It's that thing on that commercial where the kid says "can I go to bed Mom?" and she says, "as soon as you've finished playing your game" because it's supposed to make you so smart.
But Avery was way more interested in the new Bible and I held back from saying, "put your Bible down and try the video game!" because somehow that didn't seem like the message I should be sending her.
At Incredible Pizza she and Erin rode in one go-cart and raced me in another and I would have won too but they totally cheated and cut me off and drove in a reckless manner. I really think women shouldn't be allowed to.....well, I don't know how many people read this so I'll just stop there.

Monday, December 05, 2005