Friday, January 27, 2006


This horse was just glaring at me today like I was a glue factory worker or something. It almost looks like a bald eagle on his back.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ansel was big on darkroom effects. He probably loved the movie Tron and I'll bet he would have liked the Matrix. The only thing he would have feared are Carnies...with their small hands...they smell like cabbage.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Future Talk Continues

Ok Nate, the “booths” are like those virtual roller coaster ride things you see at Incredible Pizza only they don’t necessarily move around. But anyway it would be like your living room in a way…if you have a killer screen and surround sound…but-Adam pay attention-but the reason you use this instead is the hot movies that just came out and not the kind of stuff you rent or can see at the dollar theatre. Also…you could have a little button that orders popcorn for you and they’ll bring it to you.

Theatres are hurting because they have to commit an entire screen to one flick. The big ones have to find 16 good movies to stick in there but they have to decide carefully. If 2 people want to see Aristocrats and that’s it, they shouldn’t have to dedicate an entire 150 seat room but they do. And if tons of people want to see Blazing Saddles II and a theatre only has 2 screens, they have to decide whether or not to double it up. This gives perfect supply and demand for the theatre real estate which would maximize their efficiency.

And the stress level would be way less too…no mass rushes to see the 7:15 showing of King Kong right when the 7:15 show of Narnia starts and Jodie Foster Has Another Tough Day gets out at the same time. Everybody would come and go at different times easing the popcorn booth, the bathroom lines, the parking.

I’ll have to tell you guys about my solution to drunk drivers next.

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Monday, January 23, 2006


Thought continued from earlier: I know what you’re thinking…people would be making “imagination” messes in there or something. Well, each little booth would have a camera and if there was a problem, they’d replay the recording. If there’s no reason to check, they wouldn’t. Kind of like a bank camera or whatever. It’s on and running but nobody’s looking unless they need to. Also, you have to have your ID swiped before you can watch a movie (keeps little ones out of R movies). And while you may think this is too much of an invasion of privacy, you can always go to the old style movie theatre and wait in line to find out that King Kong is sold out and you’ll have to settle for Broke Butt Mountain and sit in the far left front row seat where everything is all goofy angled and then you’ve got to run to the can for a second and you come back and can’t find your seat or your date and you missed the only non-scar-ing scene and no they won’t rewind it for you and when you’re wallet is gone after the movie nobody can help you.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bright white shirt

So wouldn’t it be kinda cool if new release movies were available to see in deluxe little two seat soundproof booths that resembled sit-down driving video arcade games. And then you put in your $15 in the slot and the movie starts right then and you have 5 minutes worth of pausing for bathroom breaks and popcorn runs and then there’d be row after row of these things all lined up and you could go to see a blockbuster show anytime…like 2 am or at 6:37 pm or whatever and you’d have a great seat and a great show with the widescreen monitor a foot or two in front of you and the surround sound built into the seat and they could have em at airports and malls and truckstops and hospitals and wherever. Theatre’s nowaday’s are hurting in part because they have to pay some kid to sell the tickets and to say, “sorry, Narnia is sold out until the 11:00 show” and …..
I’ll have to finish this later…Alec just woke up…