Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday in the Tornado Zone

OK, here’s the shots I was saving. Dad and Avery from the other day.

Today Alec and I went to the Republic Business Expo and Erin and Avery went to a tea party for church. Then I went to Jim Blackwell’s wedding shot by Mr. Marc Blackwell. Then we had a tornado warning or watch or whatever the rest of the night.

The other day this Cracker song came up in conversation with Grant and I wish I could find it…it’s one of those songs that takes you back and reminds you of Europe. I’ve probably got it on cassette tape somewhere along with all my good Metallica.
What else…Avery and Alec colored together without incident and that’s pretty big news, they are both little Picassos. Well, Avery is more of a Cezanne.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Too Many Lawn Statues Can Be Scary

So two of the images for today from yesterday can wait till tomorrow….I shot with Ray and Sarah today which is always a blast. We did Branson High’s track and golf…inside. Yeah. Anyway, sorry Angie (B) that I didn’t include more info on yesterday’s post about the dialog we all had or what inappropriate displays were made from plastic Easter eggs, but this is a PG rated Blog and I don’t want my Mother to have a heart attack.
Avery is doing really good at gymnastics for just starting a couple months ago, she’s doing one-handed kartwheels and stuff. Soon we’ll send her off to ninja school so she can assassinate al-Kiduh and slip away invisibly into the night like a deadly untouchable evening breeze.

Alec is starting to get really good with his death stare. Soon he’ll be hypnotizing the masses and have an army of mindless zombies to carry out his ruthless dreams of more Thomas trains and chocolate. He gets is from Erin.
I think Scout (our b&w cat) is getting fat but it’s hard to tell when he’s next to Whinnie (our tab).

OK, I know this is silly so I’m going to bed. Yeah for Spring Break even though that really means nothing to me.
Brice fight music…

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Today I did T.J.’s indoor shots. T.J. has done more assists for me than I can count and since we’re buddies, I’m really comfortable trying different shots and lighting and stuff. Plus he’s a football player and wrestler so he’s in great shape which makes it really easy as far as posing goes. He’s not really that angry looking, I just made him look that way. My dad came up and fixed a big speed bump I had in the studio floor (Thanks Dad!) and then he was off like a whirlwind. Another Dan was voted off of Survivor tonight….we’re planning a kite flying day for our church little youth on April 8th….it rained a bunch….I saw a bird….And I’ve got 3 shots that I’m saving until tomorrow…
I love this song…
By the way, for those of you who missed it, the swing in the last post is supposed to be the nose and the shadow on the ground is supposed to be the mouth.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Please Ignore Our Technical Difficulties

I had some technical difficulties with the blog the last couple of days so, uh, sorry. Anyway, it’s been busy with this and that and the other and if I haven’t already told the world, YES I NOW AM DOING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. For reasons I won’t get into, I didn’t do any weddings a few years ago and now I’m hearing from friends that they booked someone else for their wedding and isn’t it a shame I don’t do weddings and blah blah.
I had Alec with me yesterday and we went to visit my folks in Cassville, Mom threw out her back so she was happy to see the little guy.
Then today I had a few meetings and photographed the Hollen family and Avery assisted. I got a cute shot of her and Abby.

Do you see a swing or a smirky smiley face?