Thursday, March 23, 2006

I love my attic!!!

The open house was perfect and thank you (masses) that came by J. Although I ran out of cookies because they kept falling on my teeth, I think everybody had enough. For those of you who didn’t come because you didn’t get anything in the mail inviting you, well, you must not be that good of a friend-just kidding, I didn’t mail any invites to anyone and I thought I’d better clarify that just in case.
Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, with spring break I know everyone is busy running off to Cancun or South Padre or Eveleth, anyway, my birthday was great and I’m hoping by the time I put this post up, I’ll have a shot of our attic complete with the new lights Dad and I ran and most of the new flooring boards laid out (I asked for them for my b-day and SCORE! Thanks Mom and Dad!!)

It’s funny how excited I am about the attic. I know some of you guys out there understand but this attic is crazy awesome.
I got a brand new basketball hoop and ball for my office along with too many other items to list from Erin, Avery and Alec (who by the way are in Ohio right now seeing the Grandparents on her side).
And on Saturday I shot a wedding with my good buddy Preston Dial in Harrison. Mr. Preston and I debate/discuss/scrap over camera settings, software issues and other nerd junk all the time. Good stuff.
So, even though I can’t say “The other day my Uncle Roger and I went and played 18 holes and bumped into Leon and Danae and ended up playing together and I got an eagle and Leon shot a bird with his Glock and Danae told blonde jokes until Heiniken came out of Roger’s nose and then we stumbled on Jimmy Buffet doing something in the woods that he couldn’t explain but long story short we lost Roger for about an hour…” it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you far off friends and family all the time. Some days (like when a tornado hits) I really wish I was still in the Northwest. Well shoot, look at the time, ttyl…

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rare Footage

When you work with someone on shoot after shoot, you get some great setup shots and camera test images that can later be used for really wonderful blackmail material. I've been waiting for the perfect time to spring this and I figure now's as good a time as any. Don't forget to check out some of Craig's stuff at his site.
Sorry Craig, I couldn't resist....