Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ranger Rick and World Magazine

When I was a kid my sister had a subscription to Ranger Rick and I had a subscription to World. On the back of World, (or maybe it was the inside back cover or something) they had a section with photos of things you’ve seen before, but they were either so magnified, or had so little context clues, that it was a visual puzzle to figure out what it was. I loved those shots. I always had fun trying to figure them out and I suppose that might have some influence on how I like to see the world. I think if you can isolate a subject to it’s core values and remove background distractions, you can discover beauty of line in the ordinary. I know this sounds really artsy fartsy, and most people could care less but I think it’s fun. I think the curving lines of a giant fuel tank can be beautiful in a way, but we usually see them as simply utility steps and peripheral. Not “subject matter”.
Anyway, I’ve had a few people tell me they didn’t understand the last blog entry image so I thought I’d back it out and show it in color…in “normal conditions”. But honestly, I like the way I showed it first much better. Especially since it’s unclear where the stairs lead and how high up they are and all that. OK, enough artsy fartsy, I’ll try and drum up some more Ansel-esk images for you guys stuck in your cubicles.