Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Castaway/Lockdown part II

(See last post if this doesn't make sense)

How about K.B. not even wanting to take the full alloted count of books with him, wow what a tough guy. Let's hope he and his Mrs. Reading Rainbow Angie never go on a cruise or anything or they'll just have to talk to each other and we know that never goes well.

OK, great stuff. (I'm only saying "great stuff" because Erin says I say it too much and I sound like a moron and like I'm trying to be cool or something and I come across more like an even dorkier version of Mr. Rogers).
I thought about putting a photo album in my list but in my little "mental scenario" you have to buy all the books at the prison bookstore or the airport bookstore before the plane goes down so I decided against it. Otherwise, I'd custom make me a book 50,000 pages long with a cover made from raft-capable Styrofoam and I'd have another book where each page is a frozen pizza and blah blah blah. Anyway, great stuff all you who responded. (I picked all of mine without seeing what you did first, honest!) Here's my "brilliant books":

If in prison: The Bible, a book on philosophy, a book on art, a blank book, and of course this one.

If on a deserted island, substitute that last one for this one, and substitute the philosophy book for this little beauty.

Oh, and I thought about Snoop Dogg for a long time of course but I ended up with this album list:

“Dark Side of the Moon” - Pink Floyd
“Abby Road” - Beatles
“Red Headed Stranger” - Willie Nelson
“...And Justice For All” – Metallica
“Crash” – Dave Matthews Band

Monday, September 25, 2006

5 Books

I don’t know if I picked it up on a road trip or what, but somewhere along the line, I came up with a great question to ask someone to get a little insight as to how they think, and what they value. Actually you can ask it one of two ways…#1: If you were going to prison for five years and you were allowed to bring any five books with you, what would you bring? Or, #2: If you were stuck alone on a deserted island indefinitely, what five books would you want to bring? A possible follow up is what five cds (given you have a solar powered stereo) would you bring along. I’ll give you my choices if I get five people to comment with theirs first.