Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Someday my name will be in lights...

I was having fun with a little "painting with light" or "photography" as it's called. This is my kitchen light. It took a few tries but I managed to write my name with it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Corndog Day

So I met up with a couple of my college roommates this past weekend and we had ourselves a little back-to-God retreat. It was great to see Richard and Marshall again, I hadn’t seen Marsh since ‘99 and back then we were all up to no good so it was pretty weird going out to a great party spot and with the old wild crew and reading the Bible. It was great though, pretty amazing time. I won’t really go into all of it because a lot of it was pretty personal and everything, but it was really cool.
Erin and I are now officially hooked on “24”. I got season 5 from my father-in-law for Christmas and we’ve been watching as fast as we can.
Yesterday we took the tree all the way down. Part of me always wants to leave it up and if I didn’t care about looking like some kind of weird white trash crazy person, I’d keep it up year round. I just can’t get enough Christmas. And Erin does the tree so you can’t even see the wires, it’s like a work of art or something. I hate to tear it all down but I suppose we need to put up our Martin Luther King decorations anyway….or whatever. President’s day? I think it’s time Hallmark came up with a good new holiday in January that gets everybody excited, especially kids. Sweetheart day and secretary day are lame. How about Corndog Day! Wouldn’t that make EVERYBODY smile? We could have big corndog festivals and glue corn husks on our dogs and old people could paint the corns on their feet into snoopys at the face-paint booth….and we’d all snuggle up to by the fire with giant corndogs and watch “Old Yeller” and Steve Martin in “The Jerk”. (there’s this awesome scene where he works at the fair and his biker girlfriend makes him share his corndog even though he’s worried about germs and…well, maybe we can come up with a better movie).
Or…maybe…something else.