Saturday, December 31, 2005

05 Recap

Well, we got back from Ohio to our house piled with junk and a zillion things needing done. It's kind of nice in a way to know that life probably won't be as chaotic as we go....eventually we'll get unpacked and eventually we'll get that shower working and eventually we'll both be able to park in the garage and eventually we'll get the table and counters cleared off enough to eat here.
We got lots of great Christmas cards but we were pretty lame about what we sent out (message-wise we didn't say anything) but at least we got it done.
So, 2005 ends tonight. Avery lost her first teeth, started kindergarten and is wonderful. Alec started talking, singing and saying prayers and is a stinker. Erin is doing awesome at work even though she's only supposed to work 3 days a week. Our cats are fat. I've got a studio and a big house with fun stuff to work on like electricity and gas lines. I ran for a couple months this year....hmmm maybe I should pick that back up tomorrow. Well, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to my folks (38 years and nobody's been poisoned yet!).
Pictures will follow.