Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chorizo and Frank Lloyd Wright

Happy Thanksgiving from Arizona! We flew out to see my sister and her husband and the kids rode down in the car with my folks. We’ve had some authentic Mexican food including chorizo that my sis made. Chorizo is a strong flavored sausage that reminds me a bit of taco bell but not exactly. I’m sure many of you people out there know all about it but I didn’t. Well, we had bacon and sausage links and chorizo and all we needed was my Uncle Roger to show up and make porketta. Angie and Erin have moved from Tucson to Phoenix so we hung out and went to see the Frank Lloyd Wright place, Taliesin West. Pretty cool place. It was originally just a winter rough-it kind of place with no windows intended but eventually they added glass. Lots of weird lines and odd shaped entries and hallways. Really cool use of concrete everywhere. Origami shaped chairs and some cool sculptures. It’s built over an underground river so they have lots of water for stuff there too. Erin wasn’t feeling well when we first got here but she’s doing good now. The kids just want to climb the tree in the back which is just about the perfect little tree for kids to climb. Well, I need to get busy relaxing and eating some more and watching football. I’m thankful for my family and for my friends out there who happen to read this. Happy Thanksgiving!