Tuesday, November 07, 2006


"Warm Spot"; "Coolant Nebula"; "Angry But Dependable"; "Flowers"; "Rusting Tree"

Monday, November 06, 2006

I love it when they all smile

You know it always seems like there’s always too much to do. I used to know this guy who made his living interpreting dreams and saying wise vague stuff like “live in chaos, live in chaos” which meant something like if you don’t clean your messy house, your life will be a chaotic uncontrolled mess. He also would say “garbage in garbage out” whenever he saw someone eating a Big Mac and fries which he really meant that they wouldn’t feel good no matter what if they ate that kind of junk. So lately, I’ve noticed, everything is a little scattered and chaotic. Lately?!? Who am I kidding, since we’ve moved over here almost a year ago we’ve had partially finished projects and renovations in the works everywhere. Well now the studio is a total mess as well and I mean to set right to work and get the chaos under control. And eat a Big Mac.

And another point is, the things you own, own you. I just bought a bunch of good stuff from another studio and now I have to rethink just about everything so I can figure out what to do with everything. So if you have a clean house (like the wonderful happy people shown in this picture do) you have something to smile about. If you don’t, well, go visit someone who does, it cheers me up!