Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So I haven’t said much lately, partly because life has been pretty full with work, birthdays, weather, and that kind of stuff. But I was thinking a lot about how opposite I am with my wife. Well, maybe not opposite, I mean, I like music and she doesn’t hate it, but we’ll both like the same group or album or whatever and I’ll want to skip past the lame songs and those are her favorite and then she’ll try and skip past my favorites. The only Metallica songs she really likes are the ones that put me to sleep and my favorite Cranberries song is the one that annoys her to death.
I like to play chess and clue and monopoly and texas hold-em and she likes to play sudoku and freecell and solitaire. I love the Airplane movies and Blazing Saddles and want to watch them over and over because they get better every time, she’s not quite so simple though. Once she’s seen a movie it’s in her brain just fine and she doesn’t feel the need to replay it endlessly and cackle on the floor like an idiot.
But then again there’s a ton of things that really matter that we are the same on. We love our kids and we love our time away from them. We both are sarcastic and like to mock stupidy and people who are full of themselves. We both like our coffee the same way which is far more convenient than it sounds. Neither one of us had the happy happy joy joy Harding University experience and I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought it was a self-inflicted prison camp with great people.
So, I guess I should keep her, or rather, beg her to keep me.
So here’s to you babe, love ya!