Friday, February 24, 2006

Soft Lighting and Wild Dancing

Ashley Buford came by for her studio session (we had to put it off until her leg cast came off) and anyway, we got some really great images. I could tell she was more relaxed this time for whatever reason and we got to do some really fun creative stuff. I’m so excited having a studio next to the house where I can really have fun and walk home for dinner five minutes later! Ashley is some kind of math wizard and she used to be miss all-sports until her leg did something. This is one of the fun impossible angle shots we did yesterday.

After that we had a Survivor get together with Jen (Nate's out of town for 3 months) and the Brices (they just come over and we can't get them to leave, just kidding). And then we had a little kid dance competitition with 3 two year old boys, 2 infants and one GrandMasterFunkaDelicAvery 6 year old. Of course I was too busy doing the Roger Rabbit to grab a camera. Keegan got first prize for his funky moves.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006