Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last weekend...

By the way, if you haven't checked out some of Craig’s shots from the skate party, you really should, they're really fun. And while I'm plugging other photographers, you ought to see how Mr. Adam Cole is doing with his emerging photo talent at his photoblog, and I'd be a big stink if I didn't also mention my buddy Preston. Marc was the official photog at the Horn/Van Zant wedding that we went to this weekend. It was nice getting to actually dance at a wedding and I don't think I hurt Erin's feet too bad. That's the groom Jeremy playing guitar in the Led Zeppllin shirt. And that's his dad playing guitar while he and his new bride Abby dance, congrats to both of them!

Monday, April 03, 2006

For Nate

This is for my buddy Nate who hasn't seen his family in awhile...


Also this weekend, I had a great shoot with Ms Lindsey who is extremely photogenic even though she doesn't think so. We got some really incredible shots even though the sun wasn't where I'd prefer it to be. Sometimes I wonder if God is even getting my memos at all.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Well, let me tell you about my daughter, Avery “Lou-Rettin” Amundson. She had her first gymnastics meet Saturday and she did….well….she was definitely….we’re very proud!

There were a ton of kids and Alec was really excited to see his big sis do her wild triple double axel-f into a double iron cross platform shoe move.
Actually she pretty much stunk it up like a Taco Bell bathroom but it was really great to see how far she’s come since September. She got a medal and a snow cone but then Alec gave her a proud hug and it was one of those gimme a tissue quick moments that I don’t talk about because I’m a tough macho dude who had his emotions surgically removed years ago.
There’s more to Saturday but I’ll have to get back to it, I’m leading singing tonight at church and I should probably have something in mind besides that Nelly Grillz song.
Oh yeah, then Alec lifted a minivan on his shoulders. He needs to lay off the roids I guess.