Friday, December 21, 2007

Pre-Holiday Update

OK, so these are not our dogs but we are thinking about getting one so I thought I'd put this up here for some reason. These are the Hudkins pups. The wedding last Saturday went great, Paul and Adam did a great job picking up my slack, here's a shot of Adam's that's at the same moment as Paul's. Also, here's a shot of Erin that is a representation of a specific Rolling Stones song, can you guess which one?
Also, we saw Santa and his reindeer and he wanted to know if Alec was a prince or something with his cape...he said, "No, I'm Batman," to which St. Nick replies, "Oh, well Batman is a prince too isn't he? Don't they call him the Prince of Darkness?" And I didn't want to tell the jolly old soul but no, Batman isn't the Prince of Darkness, that'd be Satan. Batman is the "Dark Knight". You'd think after all these years he'd know something like that. He needs to get that figured out quick.
Of course maybe he was commenting on Alec's behavior or something. Hmmm.....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December with one leg

Well, I guess life goes on when you only have one leg to use afterall. We had a "whole mess' a" hyper little girls over for the slumber party and I'll be honest, Hanna Montana is getting just a little overplayed for my taste in this house. I did a shoot for Positronic's Christmas party that was 50's themed and I didn't crash or anything. We went to Ohio for Thanksgiving and they have these amazing trees that they train to only drop leaves on decks and never in the grass. This one is still learning. The cats are busy frantically doing nothing....well, nothing but eating and pooping and sleeping, but soon they'll be passing ribbons and bows through their nifty little digestive system and it's always kind of funny to see a cat with multiple tails. That's all for now, but I've got some other stuff to show you later...oooooo cliff-hanger ending!!