Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tyler, Texas

Texas is really hot. I mean seriously, it's like stupid-hot. No offense to all of you people who are big fans of the nation's second largest state. Of course, if Alaska decides to change into North Alaska and South Alaska, Texas would move down to #3 in size. Isn't that cute.
Anyway, I say this just to point out that as an ever so slightly non-slender man, I don't do great in intense, overbearing, mind-numbing, sweat dripping heat. I must really like my Aunt Linda who is healing from a fall/spinal thingy that has done a bit of paralysis to her. She'll be fine though because she's got my other Aunt Kathy keeping her sane with stuff like...well I'm not sure what really but I'm guessing it's stuff like Texas Hold Em' and Texas Toast and Old El Paso Salsa and maybe some music Anyway....or as David Paden used to say "At any rate", this was the wonderful Cadillac road trip I embarked upon with my mom. We saw 3 sticks Oklahoma and pondered on its importance to the Indian Nations of old. We saw my cousin's kids, (I don't know if that's second cousins to me or cousins part deu or cousins that should be removed or what.) Anyway...or as a tour guide I met one time would say, "Moving right along", we had a great fat-free (I'm sure) meal at Pasada's in Tyler (you have to try it if you haven't, it will make you seriously consider returning to Texas even if you don't have family there) it wasn't the same without Aunt Linda there though, they had an open chair for her. She does have some little angels by her bed and some yellow mustard that I thought might be strange looking without any yellow. In conclusion....or as a mental hospital worker once said about a new patient, "Let's wrap this up"; we did a big shoot of this cactus in Linda's room. I'm putting up one of the shots but if you want to see the rest you'll have to go and pay her a visit. Happy 4th Everybody!!