Friday, December 12, 2008

What's your soundtrack?

This took a little while but I was utilizing down time so don't judge me.
So Elwood recently posted the whole pick 5 cd’s to take with you on a desert island for 5 years bit on his blog. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to do that again only where you could only take soundtracks from a movie or show. So don’t laugh or anything, but here’s my 5:
1. Batman-by Prince.
I loved this when it came out and I recently dusted it off and played it for Alec who has a good appreciation for the Dark Knight. Erin says that she did some kind of routine to “Lemon Crush” in high school. This album reminds me of Noah Guertin, Bow & Arrow Bible Camp, Jeanie Paden thinking they weren’t saying “funk” every 2 seconds, and High School. I was especially intrigued when this album came out to find out that “Batdance” is a melting pot of all the other songs on the album. Anyway, like most of Prince’s stuff, it’s timeless because it’s so alienish.
2. The Music Man.
I think somebody gave us this movie on VHS when we first got a VCR and I wore this movie out. Probably the high-tech Wyatts with their ham radios and flux-capacitors and all. Anyway, I’ve noticed that Family Guy has tons of song references from this movie and I figure I must be as cultured as a medical lab to know them all. Of course Jon Miller in Chicago knows every line as well. My favorite is Lida Rose.
3. Reservoir Dogs.
You know how if you’re like drinking orange soda when something traumatic happens, and then orange soda forever tastes a little off to you? Well, that’s what Quentin did to the songs “Stuck in the Middle with You” and especially “Coconut” in this film. What’s really warped is, now I like those songs better. Sorta like how you can never hear “Singing in the Rain” the same after watching A Clockwork Orange only not quite so damaging.
4. The Wall.
I guess this is probably a given for a Floyd Fan. 520 consecutive weeks in the Billboard Top 200 Charts. And go ahead and try to find a classic rock radio station that can go for more than an hour and a half without playing either “Comfortably Numb” or “Another Brick in the Wall”. My favorite on this album is “Nobody Home”. This movie is always playing in somebody’s dorm room in America.
5. The Blues Brothers.
These songs will never get tired. This movie will always be the symbols of everything that is pure and good about America, music, soul food, rocket launchers, Princess Leah, and the ends justifying the means. There’s not enough room in this blog for me to say everything I feel deep down inside about this movie and this music. It always makes me wonder how much a good microphone costs and how big of a bucket you would need for four fried chickens. And a coke. My favorite is “Sweet Home Chicago” which could go on forever.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pre-Mythology Days

When I was a younger lad, I could stay up to 3am Friday, Saturday and even Sunday nights and be fine and dandy Monday morning. Sure, I probably got more naps back then, (I had some boring professors) but I don’t understand how 9 little girls having a slumber party can wipe me out for a week.

December is a busy month for the Amundson clan. We usually have 3 Christmases and we have 3 of our biggest birthdays of the year (grandparents included). But it’s also really great with the kids still in the “Santa Years”. You never know if it’s going to be the last year before St. Nick becomes mythology to your tikes. And the older they get the harder it is to mislead/deceive/ignore their legitimate questions.

I suppose I should be happy they haven’t pressed about how it is that babies come from the hospital (yet).

Monday, December 08, 2008

Fleeting Fall

Ahh, Fall. It’s been fun. We’ve only got a ew days left and after that, I’m probably not going to finish the yard-work until next spring. It’s been cool finding old friends on Facebook lately and making new friends at the Landing.
So Aunt Linda really did make it up for Thanksgiving which is incredible! You may recall not too long ago, she was pretty laid up. So how cool is it that she keeps defying the odds and recovering from everything that’s been thrown at her. Random thing about Aunt Linda that you may or may not already know. She gave me a board game when I was a kid called By Jove anybody have it? It was like monopoly but not exactly and it was based on ancient Greek mythology. You might end up in the labyrinth or Hades or have to fight medusa and you’d collect heroes which made it more likely for you to win. Anyway, it was a really super-cool game and I loved it!
She also wrote me a letter a few years ago encouraging me to get out there and work on my photography. I was really teetering at the time and it made a big difference.
My sister Angie and her husband Erin also made up and that made it even better. They’ve got this weird fascination with going to every Hooters restaurant in the world. I asked my Erin if we could make that one of our family goals too but she didn’t think it was the best plan. I’ll have to work on her on that one I guess. I was going to post a funny photo to really make the whole hooters thing a real gas but everything would probably get me into too much trouble.
Well that’s all for today, but I’ll try and add something tomorrow. Serious.