Monday, December 08, 2008

Fleeting Fall

Ahh, Fall. It’s been fun. We’ve only got a ew days left and after that, I’m probably not going to finish the yard-work until next spring. It’s been cool finding old friends on Facebook lately and making new friends at the Landing.
So Aunt Linda really did make it up for Thanksgiving which is incredible! You may recall not too long ago, she was pretty laid up. So how cool is it that she keeps defying the odds and recovering from everything that’s been thrown at her. Random thing about Aunt Linda that you may or may not already know. She gave me a board game when I was a kid called By Jove anybody have it? It was like monopoly but not exactly and it was based on ancient Greek mythology. You might end up in the labyrinth or Hades or have to fight medusa and you’d collect heroes which made it more likely for you to win. Anyway, it was a really super-cool game and I loved it!
She also wrote me a letter a few years ago encouraging me to get out there and work on my photography. I was really teetering at the time and it made a big difference.
My sister Angie and her husband Erin also made up and that made it even better. They’ve got this weird fascination with going to every Hooters restaurant in the world. I asked my Erin if we could make that one of our family goals too but she didn’t think it was the best plan. I’ll have to work on her on that one I guess. I was going to post a funny photo to really make the whole hooters thing a real gas but everything would probably get me into too much trouble.
Well that’s all for today, but I’ll try and add something tomorrow. Serious.

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Grammy said...

Thanks for posting the Thanksgiving pictures, but enough of the finger in the nose Alec.