Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday in the Tornado Zone

OK, here’s the shots I was saving. Dad and Avery from the other day.

Today Alec and I went to the Republic Business Expo and Erin and Avery went to a tea party for church. Then I went to Jim Blackwell’s wedding shot by Mr. Marc Blackwell. Then we had a tornado warning or watch or whatever the rest of the night.

The other day this Cracker song came up in conversation with Grant and I wish I could find it…it’s one of those songs that takes you back and reminds you of Europe. I’ve probably got it on cassette tape somewhere along with all my good Metallica.
What else…Avery and Alec colored together without incident and that’s pretty big news, they are both little Picassos. Well, Avery is more of a Cezanne.


Nathan said...

I heard it got pretty hairy down there yesterday! It snowed about 6-10 inches here in NW NE.

Angie said...

Nice pose Nate. Did you think we wouldn't remember what you looked like?

Why not send some snow our way huh? No need to hog it all for yourself. I'd rather have a blizzard any day of the week over hail or tornados coming through town.