Thursday, November 10, 2005

Old shots can be new

Shots: 1.Self from shoot today 2.Old shot of horses revisited

Tired. It’s so gorgeous outside and I’m too busy to go out and shoot. Some of you know what I’m talking about, it’s frustrating. My friend Marc was saying the same thing awhile back and I thought, “Just go back and make new images of old images with some wild editing” and now I’m thinking, “Yeah whatever, self, I want to go outside and shoot, I’ve already seen my old shots”. And then I think, “What am I doing thinking back and forth to myself like I’m in a sitcom or something, I need to go outside and get some air and take some pictures”. And then I think, “No, I’m too busy”.
Had a shoot today that took so long to set up, and so short to shoot, that I had to make a quick self portrait for the trouble.
Now it’s dark out. We’ve watched Batman Begins and it made me nostalgic for my days in ninja school and all the glacial sword training.

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