Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Things Considered

Photo Captions: 1.Avery sees a face 2.Dorothy’s tail 3.Sickboy 4.Jumpy Flowers

The little guy’s fever came back and now I feel kind of guilty for not putting up with his fits yesterday. He probably wasn’t feeling too great. But that Tylenol stuff is potent…he was doing this howl-whine thing and burning up this afternoon and then after the Tylenol kicked in he was giggling and shooting Avery and me with his blow-gun. We’d fall down (real spaghetti western style) and he’d crack up and then we’d miraculously get back up (real Friday the 13th Jason isn’t quite dead yet style) and he’d shoot us down again. Erin kept him home tonight and Vry and I went to church.
On that note, we wrapped up a study on baptism with Earl Brown that’s been pretty fascinating. The idea is to get away from discussions on requirements and limitations and legality of baptism, and take a look at it from a far more deep spiritual view. The idea that, at Jesus’ baptism you’ve got the Father the Son and the Spirit all present there in the muddy waters, is something I had not contemplated much. From that point on it’s go time for Jesus. Service, ministry, suffering, sacrifice and death. At his baptism, he “starts” his death. So too (whether we fully understand it or not), when we join Jesus through baptism, we begin our life of service, suffering, sacrifice and death to ourselves. Key phrase from tonight that really stood out was that we live with Christ as our spiritual environment. Earl also made a great comparison to marriage and baptism. You may or may not fully understand what you’ve committed to when you said “I do” but that doesn’t make it less valid. Same is true in baptism and the commitment you are making to God and He to you.
OK, Deep Thought for today is, “If they ever come up with a swashbuckling School, I think one of the courses should be Laughing, Then Jumping Off Something.”


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