Saturday, November 12, 2005

Calm before the storm

Photo#1 Foggy Bathroom Mirror
Photo #2 Mouse and Keyboard
Photo #3 Avery sick in the backseat

This morning was really nice. We took our time and got up slowly and went to Village Inn for breakfast and ate and ate. Then we went down to Silver Dollar City and met up with the kids and my folks. Avery wasn’t feeling good again and after seeing “A Dickens’s Christmas Carol” we decided to go. Avery wanted to go home…she was that sick. Then when we were almost to the car she ralphed. It was pretty sad and smelly and I won’t even tell you about the mozzarella chunks. We got her cleaned up and headed in and she kinda threw up again before we got back.
When we got back it felt like 10:00 but it was only 6:00.
Then we had tornado warnings in Republic. The horns went off and we had to hang out in the bathroom with Alec wanting to see the rain and Avery wanting to lie in bed. It didn’t take long though and we are alive, (which is a good thing or you’d have nothing to read).
One of my favorites: “The crows seem to be calling my name,” thought Caw.

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Angie said...

Why is it that no one takes tornado sirens seriously?

Art's running down the street in torential rains and lightning, just to see if a neighbor is home who has a basement. Again, shouldn't we have done all this when things were calm and the siren was first going off, rather than during the whole scary moment??? I'm not too sure about the safety of bathrooms. More sure about a basement though.