Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Allow me to demonstrate

Alec is better today but sometimes he can be such a little turd. I don’t understand how he can go from being so lovey dovey to lil’ Hitler. Maybe he’s Bi-Polar.
Anyway, I had a demonstration today for the SOAR kids at Republic’s E3 school (that’s the smarties in the 3rd -5th grade school….I think. I think they have to ride a really long bus.) It was a lot of fun and the kids gave me lots of ooos and ahhhhs which are always nice to hear. They’ve done some fun stuff already with their school cameras and they’ll probably run me out of business in a few years.
I’ve heard that the biggest stresses you can put on a marriage is running a business together and moving into a different home together. Actually I think the second is when you custom build or custom remodel a place together. I can see what they (whoever they are) mean. It seems like lately Erin and I have misunderstood each other and misread each other and have not had the time to really communicate. She’s so wonderful though, she’s been a real trooper about things and has been mindful of how tricky this whole deal is. I know inside she’s pretty freaked out about moving from a new house that has new everything and is almost exactly how she wants it, and then moving into a 30 year old home that’s got a very long punch list of must fixes just for safety and an even longer punch list of things to be how we want it. She rocks. Good love.

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