Friday, May 11, 2007


I've been so busy I've neglected my blog and that's a bummer for me. I really like to try and keep things fresh here. Anyway, what have you missed....several wonderful, spectacular weddings that you'll just have to go to my print galleries to check out; a tournament in Joplin that's taken more time than I wish it has, but we took the kids and stayed the night one of the times and had a great time; oh and Erin had a birthday! There's more but I don't even have time to tell you today so it'll have to keep.


Angie said...

If Erin has time to paint, do you think she'll come over and help paint my walls?

Chris and Kate Lareau said...

Erin, those paintings are PRECIOUS. Seriously. I hope you're selling them and becoming internationally famous and making zillions of dollars.

Brad said...

Your family is so beautiful. Erin looks like quite an artist! With both of you being artistic, your kids probably are too! They look like hams in front of the camera anyway... must get that from you, John... :) Your photographs are REALLY good, btw. luv ya! Reg