Monday, April 23, 2007

Baseball and Weddings

Well it's been pretty busy around here lately and as some of you may have noticed I haven't been good about posting here. But I've meant to so...that's something...sorta. The little guy is on a real live genuine honest to goodness tee-ball team so we've practiced when we've had a spare minute which isn't much with the weddings and everything.

Well, I promise to get some more stuff up soon but for now, goodnight.


Anonymous said...

John, I would love to see video footage of a practice and/or a game. My imagination runs wild at the thought of a tee-ball team of 3 year olds playing ball. Batters up... the hit... all 9 kids on the field rush the pitcher's mound to field the ball and rush it over to first base!

-Aunt Angie

Angie said...

We can't wait for Keegan to get on a tee-ball team. That'll be loads of fun. I'm sure you guys are enjoying that time with Alec!