Monday, April 24, 2006


So it's raining and that always makes me kind of want to go and shoot some puddles but then I'm like, well, maybe when it's done raining and then you know what happens? I forget and never get shots to work with like this one that's a puddle at a strip mall. This one reminds me of the Division Bell faces from Pink Floyd, kinda like those Easter Island dudes. I know, I know, you're thinking how about less weird stuff and more bunnies and flowers. I'll get right on it. But I still like my puddles.


Uncle Rog said...

Does your mother know you hang out near strip malls?

K.B. said...

Pink Floyd is THE most over-rated band of all-time!!!

(Just thought I'd get you fired up on this Wednesday morning)

John Amundson said...

While you know I'm gonna disagree with you, I've got to say Nirvana is the most over-rated band. But it does crack me up to see these junior high kids wearing Dark Side Of The Moon t-shirts and they've never even heard the album.

K.B. said...

Most kids probably think Floyd is the last name of the singer Pink.

Craig Cochran said...

To say Pink Floyd is the most over-rated band of all time is an overstatement. They however have been one of the biggest selling acts of all time. Dark Side of the Moon spent an incomprensible 741 week on the billboard chart. That over 14 years!!! And it is still one of the most popular rock albums worldwide.
Pink Floyd trivia: The name Pink Floyd was actually derived from the first names of two ancient bluesmen (Pink Anderson and Floyd Council).
I've been Floyd fan since I was introduced to them by my brothers when I was 6. My first intro was Dark Side. About nine years later, before I owned a new fangled CD player, I purchased "Dark Side" on gold disc for $30 in hopes that I would get a disc player for my birthday.
Musically there is not much better for me than sitting in a darkened room and listening to Dark Side in full stereo. Except maybe listening to Kraftwerk "We are the robots".

K.B. said...

741 weeks??? Just goes to show you, Craig.....there's an awful lot of weed on this planet.