Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can't see this? Here's the solution, oh wait...

So my own sister-in-law can’t get this blog because her school is really restrictive about what sites they let you get on. AND, my buddy Craig (you might remember him from this) can’t get on this blog at work anymore because of the same deal. Well, I’m working on a solution so everyone who wants to can get their fix of mindless commentaries from me and others as well as the photos that are always a little less appropriate than what my mother would like.
Basically the new post would come to you via email so you wouldn’t have to take a virtual step on the actual site. Also, you shouldn’t have to wonder if there’s anything new or not, anything new would come to you via email. So if you want me to add you to this service, email me and you will then get an invite that makes sure you really want to be added to the group. Don’t use my john.amundson@gmail.com cause I never check that one, email me at john_amundson@hotmail.com and I’ll know.
OK, after promising all of this it had better work or I’ll feel like a big dork.

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