Sunday, April 02, 2006


Well, let me tell you about my daughter, Avery “Lou-Rettin” Amundson. She had her first gymnastics meet Saturday and she did….well….she was definitely….we’re very proud!

There were a ton of kids and Alec was really excited to see his big sis do her wild triple double axel-f into a double iron cross platform shoe move.
Actually she pretty much stunk it up like a Taco Bell bathroom but it was really great to see how far she’s come since September. She got a medal and a snow cone but then Alec gave her a proud hug and it was one of those gimme a tissue quick moments that I don’t talk about because I’m a tough macho dude who had his emotions surgically removed years ago.
There’s more to Saturday but I’ll have to get back to it, I’m leading singing tonight at church and I should probably have something in mind besides that Nelly Grillz song.
Oh yeah, then Alec lifted a minivan on his shoulders. He needs to lay off the roids I guess.


Pappa said...

I know that the 2024 summer olympics will feature "van lifting", and my grandson will win the gold!

Nathan said...

If Avery was performing on Star Search, I would have given her 4 Stars for that amazing twisty thing you mentioned.