Monday, November 14, 2005

Well nobody wanted to comment about the Bible question (or they were so shocked by the lame Photoshop image of Bobby) or maybe I should give it a day or so.
Anyway, finally both kids are healthy and it feels like fall. So we are rushing to get things done before we move. No time no time.
Angie (my sis) will be up here this week but she’d doing missile inspections or something for her work. She’s like James Bond’s helper or something.
We’ve got Scout and Winnies’ travel crates out so they’ll get used to having a special place when they get to the new house. They’re both pretty weird cats so they’ll need all the comforting they can get.
Anyway, the kids are always fun to put to bed, Alec likes to walk on us and get up and giggle and ask for things in his strange Yiddish/Portuguese/Korean language. OK, I’m too tired to type anymore

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K.B. said...

Okay John, since nobody else will play with you, I'll leave a comment.

My opinion is that NONE of the OT is relevant when it comes to our salvation. Just my opinion, but the difference between the OT and NT is analagous to reading a biography and reading a textbook. The OT has great stories that give a wonderful insight to God and his people, but the NT is where we find the "answers", or more specifically THE answer. I think the only reason to keep some of the OT commandments is because even more is expected for NT Christians. The OT says don't murder, but the NT says love one another. The OT says don't lie about a neighbor, but the NT says don't let ANY evil come from your mouth. The NT takes us a step further than the OT. An eye for an eye has become love your neighbors even your enemies.

However, with that added responsibility comes an added freedom. We don't have all the rules of Levitical law (there's like 600+ in the OT). Instead our commandments are simple.....Love God, love each other. These are the commands of Christ. Our law book has been replaced by a pamphlet, so to speak.

Galatians says we have freedom in Christ.......there's no longer a need for the "rules".

Just my pair of pennies for you.