Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Stuff

So here's a few August items: First day of school for Mr. Alec. Birthday for Mr. Alec. First streaking caught on film of Mr. Quin. First time an ancient oak reaches as far as it can to try and tap Erin on the head (see image below). Avery got baptised! Erin and I went to San Antonio for Kimber's wedding. Mrs. Brice talks with her mouth full. Alec, Keegan and Issac practice their Jedi skills while Aaron referees. Tune in next time to hear Erin say, "Quit taking of pictures of people when they are eating!!"


Angie said...

I should be more polite when I eat. That's an awful picture. I'm glad there's a better one that you posted of me and Erin. Oh and thanks for not posting Quin's cute butt.

Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

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