Monday, February 12, 2007


Yes, this is a small appetizer of the images from Mexico...including proof that I did work, or at least I got dirty; also the rare glimpse of the amazing sky elephant; Fernando; and Moore Brothers Construction Co with Blind-Jake and Bitter-Josh.


Angie said...

Cool pictures!

That last picture is questionable. I heard you were the "funny man" down there, so how could you have had time for "work"? :-)

K.B. said...

Don't let him fool you, Ang. Right before we left, he put down his camera and eagle soda long enough to rub a little dirt on his shirt and get this shot.

Dawn Shields said...

John I don't know if you were the "funny man" but I think you won the dirty man award! I hope you had a great time. See ya next Friday!