Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Will Towards Men

I was pretty proud to be a part of the Christmas carolers that went out from our church Brookline Church of Christ the other day. (Man, I’ve got to update that site sometime). It was mainly little kids and it was great to see the old faces light up at the sounds and sights of children singing “You would even say it glows, LIKE A LIGHTBULB!” But December is always a pretty hectic time with 3 birthdays in our family and when to visit who when, and where and how. But when you get to see some joy passes from innocent young to hurting elderly, it kind of gets you in the chest like a bucket of KFC.
Another person who has always been big on spreading joy and good will to all men is my friend Bryan. He’s a missionary and is currently at film school in New Zealand trying to spread the word through film in the future in new and different ways. Check in on him and I think you’ll be impressed.


Angie said...

For real...the Brookline website needs some desperate help. I believe it's 6-months out of date from what I was just looking at? Who is the guy in charge of that? hmmm! What are you busy or something? ha ha

K.B. said...

What that church needs is a deacon of publicity. Wonder where we could find one of those?