Saturday, July 01, 2006

Look at that hair

We saw the fireworks last night and had a great time and the kids really loved it. It's been a good week having Pam and Kari around. Today I shot a wedding at Chateu on the Lake with Preston and it was wonderful. Sunset wedding under the giant tent with the lake as a backdrop....what more could you want in the Ozarks? The other day we were in Branson at the outlet mall and Alec put a Buzz Lightyear toy phone in his pocket while we were in the store...I noticed at the gas station and I had a big talk about how we don't just take things and I was thinking, "Maybe he's understanding this..." and then after all that I noticed a bulge in his other pocket...the little criminal had stolen 2 phones, not just one. When we returned them and he said "sorry" in his softest voice he cried and didn't understand why the store people had "taken his toy". So I launched into a big speach about free trade and macroeconomics and how their is a butterfly effect from the act of stealing just one item that ends up hurting shareholders there really isn't such a thing as a free lunch. I'm pretty sure he understands now. What does he care, his Grandma bought him a Tommy shirt.


Anonymous said...

Hey, John, that's a great picture of the beautiful people who've been sleeping under your roof the last week. I guess it makes up for the terrible one you published of them on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

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