Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gary Fong

So it must have been the first day of winter because we finally got snow. We’ve had some this season I’m sure but I don’t remember when. Alec and I played outside for a while and then we took a walk and he got upset because I was eating the snowflakes as they dropped….I think he thought I’d eat them all or something. That’s how it usually works with ice cream in our house.
Yesterday I went up to St. Louis to see Gary Fong speak and I picked up Preston Dial and Leslie from Connie’s Portraits in Marshfield and get this….none of us brought a camera. I didn’t know how crowded the little Cavalier would be and we thought we were talking Kimber too but anyway…the snow was on the treetops and the sun was kissing it and the sky was crazy dark and it was like that almost the whole way. We’re talking some great images burned not on film but only in my mind. Oh well.
Gary gave an awesome presentation and we pulled out of St. Louis around 11:30. I dropped off Preston at 3:00 and got up at 6:30. At some point I’m gonna crash and whine about being so tired but right now I’m all pumped up from seeing new things and hearing new ideas and….you know. Good stuff!


Craig Cochran said...

Not snow...clean your sensor

cathy cochran said...

Ignore my hubby, I think the pixs are lovely & was also thrilled to see the white stuff.

Nathan said...

snow . . . . . . . huh

Uncle Rog said...

Snow? Sure! You had just better get that kid some children's "Head and Shoulders"!!!!!