Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots and lots of turkeys

Well true believers, it’s time to put a post up which means I’m probably putting off something I’m supposed to be doing instead. Oh well, blogs don’t wait forever I suppose. I find that I either feel like typing a lot of stuff or I feel like typing almost nothing and just letting the pictures do the communicating. I guess some of this ought to have an explanation but I don’t have too much to give you other than I’ve been seeing things more and more in black and white lately…not like most people do I mean, I mean actually black and white, like old film.
Someone once said that every black and white photograph is a work of art just because it is such an automatic distortion of reality but it’s so similar, it’s captivating. You look a half a second longer if for no other reason than to think, “Hmm, so that’s what that looks like without color.”
By the way, if anyone has a connection to the Smithsonian people, they really should offer Todd (aka Elwood) a monster grant to add a wing to one of their museums just for cultural relevance. He could single handedly educate future bomb shelter kids in important art appreciation that includes Solomon Grundy, Boba Fett, Kilowog, and probably even Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin. Of course like most things I really like, I can’t recommend his blog to anyone since it’s rated R or maybe PG-13. Oh, and by the way, beware the ides of March. And the March of Dimes. And the March of the Penguins. Really anything marching ought to be checked out I’d say.

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Elwood said...

HA! Thanks for the link, at any rate. I actually had the blog rated NC-17, oddly enough due to overuse of the word "Zombie." Tough board.