Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to the farm

I met up with Richard and Marshall and Marsh's dad Jim in Arkansas over the weekend. It's still pretty much like it was last year. Take a look. Anyway, it was awesome and it was great to see my boys. Marsh has two dogs, Jay-dog and Chilli-dog and we saw about 20 turkey 9 deer and 2 armadillos. So….that’s it in a nutshell for now.
Oh wait, there’s more, on Sunday we went to a Cowboy Church. That’s what the sign said and everything. They’re building a new building with an arena in it and they were talking about how one of their big expenses was the dirt but that it was the “best dirt in Arkansas!” and was well worth it. Being the non-rodeo kinda fella that I am I just sat their trying to figure the logic of an arena (I was picturing the Metrodome) and fancy dirt (I was thinking they were needing it for parking lot). Anyway, the people were extremely warm and friendly and I thought it was a cool church.
Uh…the end.

Do you see Orion?

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