Friday, November 16, 2007

Surgery, Skeletons, Signs, Superman, Soccer

Although I don't really remember it, my achillies tendon surgery went well.

Also, our friends Angie and Kyle had their third son, Quinlan.

We had a kitty and a skeleton for Haloween.

My boy is getting really great at setting his toys up in amazing action poses, I think he'll have a great future as a manaquin stylist.
Brookline Church now has it's own gang sign.
And we're now done with soccer. Ave had one goal this year and she had one head shot when she wasn't looking, and she drank a bunch of capri sun and danced around. That's pretty much what sports is all about until you turn 21 anyway. Or 18 if you live in Canada. And yes, that's the Percaset talking as usual so you can't get mad at me.

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Angie said...

I love the headless belly shot of me. ha At least something cute comes out of looking that big. Quin is a far!

It doesn't seem possible that Avery is the age she is and playing sports. I was looking at her today in church and she's so grown up and beautiful. She was being so sweet to Alec too. You guys are doing something right! They are really great kids.

Cross your fingers for Nolan! ;-)