Friday, June 09, 2006

Working from the ground up

I helped my dad out with some floor work down at his place yesterday. In a couple of days he's gonna help me with my floor woes. While I was playing "find Hoffa" Adam was shooting quarters...check this out:


K.B. said...

In this picture, you are not perspiring at all while your dad is sweating like a stutterer at a spelling bee.

Sounds to me like you were doing a little less than your share of the work load, big guy.

Anonymous said...


Your dad could sweat in a snowstorm!

Nathan said...

I'm with K.B. on this one. Although knowing John, I know that I need to substitute the word "work" with "taking pictures". Again knowing how John is, i'm sure after it was all said and done, he was more stressed out about this shot turning out just right than his dad was about having a huge hole in his house. Tee hee hee