Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Floor Work Part II (With A Vengence)

So yesterday was payback! Dad came up and we showed that my studio floor we were serious and in the end we won! I think... Well, we inhaled so much sealant and grout dust that the floor may actually have the last laugh. You wouldn't believe how much dust we kicked up but I'm absolutley ecstatic already about the new floor (the old subfloor) which is lower so it's better for shooting into.
The floor was sagging pretty bad and the tile was cracking and getting worse so we had to take it out. The wood under the wet-wall (old kitchen sink and the bathroom shower & sink are on that wall) was all rotted out so I think we'll be taking out that whole wall next and re-walling the bathroom without the shower. Don't worry, we have a shower at the house. And I don't ever sweat...not like Dad anyway...phew!

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Uncle Rog said...

I think I saw this on TV once!!