Sunday, February 12, 2006

Full Sunday

Avery and Alec and I built a fort in Avery’s room yesterday but then…. Avery had a fever. She really didn’t like her medicine.
Anyway, after church she was feeling better and we went over to Gerrie Hartwigsen’s for lunch with Mark and Michelle Prewitt. They have 3 sweet little girls and Avery had a ball with them while Alec played with blocks and I think it might have been… “erector set”….or maybe I just wanted to put that in my blog. I think the “erector set” is actually all metal parts or maybe it’s just Swedish made or something. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and then we had a little youth meeting where we formed teams to head up one event each. One team of families for each season so that there will always be at least 4 events for Brookline’s kids per year. It’s a good start I think.

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