Monday, January 23, 2006


Thought continued from earlier: I know what you’re thinking…people would be making “imagination” messes in there or something. Well, each little booth would have a camera and if there was a problem, they’d replay the recording. If there’s no reason to check, they wouldn’t. Kind of like a bank camera or whatever. It’s on and running but nobody’s looking unless they need to. Also, you have to have your ID swiped before you can watch a movie (keeps little ones out of R movies). And while you may think this is too much of an invasion of privacy, you can always go to the old style movie theatre and wait in line to find out that King Kong is sold out and you’ll have to settle for Broke Butt Mountain and sit in the far left front row seat where everything is all goofy angled and then you’ve got to run to the can for a second and you come back and can’t find your seat or your date and you missed the only non-scar-ing scene and no they won’t rewind it for you and when you’re wallet is gone after the movie nobody can help you.


Craig Cochran said...

So I'm guessing you had a bad movie experience recently. Wouldn't you miss having your seat kick by someone behind you. And what about those big guys that hog the armrest. A plus would be you could use your cell phone without anoying anyone else but your date. Each booth could have it's own usher to shine their flashlights at you (that would eliminate riff raff).

Nathan said...

I don't think I really get the whole "Phone Booth" movie thing?

Anonymous said...


let's go watch a movie