Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Future Talk Continues

Ok Nate, the “booths” are like those virtual roller coaster ride things you see at Incredible Pizza only they don’t necessarily move around. But anyway it would be like your living room in a way…if you have a killer screen and surround sound…but-Adam pay attention-but the reason you use this instead is the hot movies that just came out and not the kind of stuff you rent or can see at the dollar theatre. Also…you could have a little button that orders popcorn for you and they’ll bring it to you.

Theatres are hurting because they have to commit an entire screen to one flick. The big ones have to find 16 good movies to stick in there but they have to decide carefully. If 2 people want to see Aristocrats and that’s it, they shouldn’t have to dedicate an entire 150 seat room but they do. And if tons of people want to see Blazing Saddles II and a theatre only has 2 screens, they have to decide whether or not to double it up. This gives perfect supply and demand for the theatre real estate which would maximize their efficiency.

And the stress level would be way less too…no mass rushes to see the 7:15 showing of King Kong right when the 7:15 show of Narnia starts and Jodie Foster Has Another Tough Day gets out at the same time. Everybody would come and go at different times easing the popcorn booth, the bathroom lines, the parking.

I’ll have to tell you guys about my solution to drunk drivers next.

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Craig Cochran said...

The movie future: Blockbuster films will be available for download(for a premium...but isn't that what we pay anyway). Those who wish to install theater rooms in their homes will be able to download (on demand) any movie and tv show available by the service provider (ie. Itunes). The movie companies will get royalties on each sale and the purchaser can have friends over to watch (who of course paid some in order to watch (no freeloaders)). Everybody makes money, except the theaters which now are meeting halls for churches...which church to want to go to today (contemporary in theater 2 or traditional in theater 6), get your overpriced holy water and testi(mints) at concessions. Who needs pulpit ministers when you have powerpoint presentations. No great suit and slick haircut can compete with cinema quality bar charts and fully animated hymnals. But why even go to one of these churches when you can get your sermons online too... isn't that why we want home theater systems anyway so we don't have to go out into public and be part of the crowds? Why home theaters? Why don't we just regress into our Ipods and block out all those anoying distractions like work and family (just kiddin...love ya hon (if you read this)).
I just realized this isn't my blog...sorry.

John Amundson said...


Anonymous said...

Alright Neo. Take some nature photos. I'm bored with the 70's posters - kaleidoscope twisted - "what in the Sam Hill is that supposed to be?" themed shots. Think Ansel Adams for a while. I'm stuck in this office and I want to be walking in the woods! Help a brutha out man!!