Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Candy makes them shake

Have you ever noticed that if you give a toddler as much candy as he wants, he'll start shaking and speaking speed-Indian? I didn't realize it until last night. Bob the Builder and the Fairy Princess were pretty wired last night and today it was hard to ignore the sacks of m&m's and snickers. This was Alec's first year to really trick or treat and Avery didn't get to last year because she was sick.
Tomorrow is a big day with a daycare shoot and a senior before church. I also got Doug and Jennifer's wedding pictures narrowed down to the best 413 shots which took some critical thinking. Their photos turned out fabulous, thanks in part to the second shooter, Adam Cole who has a great eye for composition. I think artists always have a natural eye for photography. Erin has a much faster eye for a shot than I do but she doesn't have any desire to take up shooting seriously.


marc said...

welcome to blogger buddy.

Uncle Rog said...

I had 2 trick or treaters and gave them apples. Then I said "How do you like them apples?"

Angie said...

Yoda is sooo cute!!!