Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bring a Camera

Camping was a great! We played a lot of Texas Hold-em’ and burned some hotdogs and stayed up way too late. On the way down we saw a sheriff that had been run off the road by another car who took off. The cop had been spun around backwards and his back end was crunched by a tree down a 15 foot drop. Of course, I had decided not to bring a camera because I’m a moron so all I can do now is describe it instead of show you.
Tonight we went out as a family to the Home Depot. That’s a great place to bring small children for all of you out there who’re looking for more frustration in life. Everything looks like a toy to a little one but you just can’t give a two year old a circular saw to play with in the cart. At least, not a Dewalt.
I’m getting pumped about the house; it’s going to be so much work that it’s silly but it’s going to be so nice too. Every time I see Alec playing with a lens or camera or flash card or a Sharpie marker or an exacto blade, I think of how nice it will be when all of those things are safely in a separate building. Then I make Avery take whatever it is away from him. I don’t want to be the bad guy. I’m just kidding….but seriously.

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