Thursday, November 03, 2005

718 N. Cottonwood

Catch up days are so nice indeed. It dawned on me today that we’ll be moving to a new house soon and all of the sudden I’m feeling sentimental about this house. We’ve been here almost 7 years and we watched them build it. Both are kids came home here from the hospital. Erin painted every wall in the house very thoughtfully and carefully.
The sounds of this house are special too. The wind-chime we can take with us but I don’t think it will be as windy at the new house. Right now that thing chimes almost endlessly. The train in the distance is just barely audible, you almost can’t hear it….I think we’ll be able to hear it at the new house but I’m not sure.
We’ve got a growth chart wall with Avery’s height penciled in going back to 10/3/02, and Erin painted her room with 3 greens doing a giant checker thing that was more complicated than you’d believe. Oh well, we’re going to have a sweet place (once Erin does everything she wants to it) and it’ll be full of great memories too.

It might sound like a dumb reason to really want a house but the new house has big trees that I can build a tree-house in and at this house we’ve still got about 10 years until the trees will be big enough. I can really see the kids having more great places to play at the new house.

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